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Snowed In


By popular acclaim (read: Derek hassling me about it), we are inducting our first long snapper into the Classic Colts.  Justin Snow, welcome to the club.  Derek wrote the bio, and he can take the flack for it.  I like his logic, and, honestly, if a long snapper can’t get recognized by two clowns writing in their jammies, who will ever honor him?  So for you Mike Prior, Donnell Thompson, ect. fans out there, take heart.  Convince me your guy is worthy and write him up, and we will include him.  The whole point of the Classic Colts is to honor the guys that the true fans love and remember.  So, if Justin Snow has a fan loyal enough to stick up for him, I’d say he merits inclusion…plus Derek’s tribute made me laugh.  By the way, I omitted Hunter Smith and Dom Rhodes the other day from the discussion.  Both will merit immediate inclusion upon their retirements from football (just in case they do something that hurts the Colts along the way…call it the Marcus Pollard rule).

Lots of recycled stuff from other sites today, but for those who don’t make the rounds…

Did any of us need another reason to hate Rodney Harrison?  No?  Didn’t think so.  Johnny O (that’s your new moniker now, John.  Sorry…nothing I can do about it.  Well, could do something about it, but I’m tired of having to constantly correct myself for putting the s before the h) has a great response in which he basically says that Manning’s comments played differently live than the cut versions the AP picked up.

The Rolly Polly Bat out of Hell (old podcast joke) thinks this season will be great.

Carucci says the coach flux is no big deal.  Is there no middle ground between it has zero impact and it’s the end of the world?  I do think there might be some drop off due to the regime change on West 56th.  Having said that, the Colts play an easier schedule, and the difference might not show up in the final record.  I do think this is a topic that matters a little, but good Lord, the sky is falling act put on by some is sort of crazy.  We’ve been consistent on this…it’s not a good thing, but neither is it some doomsday scenario.  There is only one of those and it involves 18 being carted off the field.

Don Banks ranks the franchises this decade.  Indy is third (NE and Pitt).  It’s impossible to argue with that conclusion, but I found his comments on the Colts fairly snarky considering they were ranked the 3rd best franchise this decade.

Mmmm…Treklicious!  CHFF chimes in with a pointlessly Star Trek Themed look at passer rating differential.  I’m not complaining; I’m celebrating.  Don’t tell anyone, but we helped behind the scenes for yesterday’s great write up on Jeff Saturday from 2006 (which was really excellent work).  Uh oh, things are getting too friendly around here….uh, CHFF SUCKS!  I hate them!  (Was that convincing?).  At this rate, we’ll be sending love letters to Kravitz by the end of the month.  Hey, we don’t hold grudges around here.  When the work is good, we cheer.  When it’s bad, we bitch endlessly.  That goes for the guys with the ball and the for the guys with the keyboards equally.

My buddy Brian chips in with this Dungy article on fatherhood

I’ve linked there before, but there is no better baseball blog than Hal McCoy’s.  Here’s a 70+ year old man, already long since in the Hall of Fame for such accomplishments as coining the term “The Big Red Machine”, and he blogs up a storm about the Reds.  He’s incredible and a great read.  Do yourself a favor and check him out. 

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