It's Happening Again!!! Santana Hurting and Escobar to the DL

It's Happening Again!!! Santana Hurting and Escobar to the DL

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It's Happening Again!!! Santana Hurting and Escobar to the DL



Quick, somebody arrange a sacrifce to the baseball gods for they are angered with the Angels again.  I know not what the Halos did to displease the gods this time, but they have gone back to the well on their punishments and struck down both Ervin Santana and Kelvim Escobar with injuries.

sacrifice to the gods

The Angels announced today that Ervin Santana has been scratched from his Tuesday start with forearm and elbow soreness.  The severity of the injury is unknown and the team is awaiting MRI results with a disabled list sting looming for Ervo.  If there is a silver lining, it is that it is a different part of his elbow that is bothering him than the part that caused him to miss the first several weeks of the season… either that or his entire elbow is falling apart.  In Santana’s place, Sean O’Sullivan is expected to be called up to make a spot start which is only a good thing in that his name isn’t Anthony Ortega.

As for Escobar, his recent throwing session must not have gone well since he is now being retroactively placed on the disabled list.  That, of course, means that Escy’s ascension to the set-up man role will have to wait and the Angels will have to wait, possibly for a very long time.  One can only hope though that this is a precautionary measure by an Angel team that is just being overly careful with a guy that has pitched just once in the last two years.  No corresponding roster move has been announced, but statistically speaking, Escobar’s replacement is likely to have the last name Rodriguez.

Now we just got to figure out how to make the baseball gods happy again.  Might I recommend throwing Robb Quinlan into a volcano?  Or maybe even they are mad that Maicer Izturis is starting at second base while Sean Rodriguez sits on the bench and Brandon Wood toils away in the minors.

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