Mini Pony of the Day 6-16-09

Mini Pony of the Day 6-16-09


Mini Pony of the Day 6-16-09


This was sent over by my parents. It’s a clipping from the local newspaper from where I grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania. H.W. Good is one of the elementary schools in the Yough School District, and at one point or another, they played ring toss on a fake mini pony. And one of ’em was wearing a Troy Polamalu jersey. Kids these days have it alright.

I really hope Andrew McCutchen is the Pirates’ MAF. [WHYGAVS?]

The Joe Buck Show. [Awful Announcing]

Fantastic pics of the parade. [The Pensblog]

Tim Sylvia has fallen in the MMA ranks. Significantly. [With Leather]

A NASCAR Mexico driver was killed on the final laps, and was declared the winner posthumously. [AP]

Shaq chokes Chuck Liddell. [NESW Sports]

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