Some More Blogs With Balls Recaps

Some More Blogs With Balls Recaps

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Some More Blogs With Balls Recaps


I know I said I would wrap up Blogs With Balls yesterday, but there’s really some good stuff out there that you should read about the conference.

Blogs With Balls owner HHR Media has put together a bunch of recaps from those who attended the event on Saturday. Some you may have read since I did a post yesterday, but there are a slew which I didn’t get to. This is part one of BWB’s round up. Here’s part 2. And part 3. Here’s part 4.

Dan Levy of On the DL podcast brought Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy and Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog from the Washington Post back together after their argument on Saturday. It ended up to be a fascinating discussion and you can listen to it. Very good podcast.

Keith Thibeault of Sports Media Journal continues his video interviews with some of the attendees of Blogs With Balls. He has an interview with some guy who runs a blog called Fang’s Bites. The guy nods his head and waves his hands a lot. What’s wrong with that guy?

And Keith talks with Newsday’s Neil Best.

Jonathan Tannenwald of also has two interviews from BWB. He talks with Chris Lucas, the co-head poobah of HHR Media which organized the conference. And Jonathan speaks with A.J. Daulerio of Deadspin.

And if there are any more recaps to link to, I’ll bring them to you. Thanks for your patience on this.

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