The Aftermath of Joe Buck Live

The Aftermath of Joe Buck Live

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The Aftermath of Joe Buck Live


Let’s do some linkage. I had a late start as I had to go to Boston this morning. And there are a lot of stories on Joe Buck Live, but not for what the producers were hoping for. We’ll get to those during this post. And later today, we’ll have more stuff from Blogs With Balls.

We begin with USA Today’s Michael McCarthy who writes about Artie Lange’s appearance on Joe Buck Live. HBO basically throws Artie under the bus.

Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina leads a roundtable discussion on what happened last night.

Richard Deitsch of SI was backstage at Joe Buck Live when the Lange-Buck thing went down.

Richard Sandomir of the New York Times says Artie hijacked the show.

Olivia Smith of the New York Daily News didn’t like Artie’s appearance.

Jackie Strause of the New York Post says Artie fired back at HBO this morning on the Howard Stern Show.

Annie Barrett of Entertainment Weekly says there might not have been any buzz about Joe Buck Live without Artie Lange.

Tommy Craggs of Deadspin was in the crowd and says Artie gave HBO exactly what it wanted.

Also from Deadspin, A.J. Daulerio says Artie has one big fan over at ESPN.

Awful Announcing goes over Buck’s first show and has video of the Lange segment on the show.

AA also has the Overtime segment which was seen online and had the best line of the night from Michael Irvin.

In my opinion, up until the last segment, the show was sinking. Buck’s interview with Brett Favre didn’t really break any news. Favre did say he would be willing to play once he recovered from arm surgery. Comedic sements with Funny Or Die and the use of a telescope showing Bob Costas and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig were horrible. Then a segment involving Michael Irvin and Chad “don’t call me Johnson” Ochocinco was marginally better. But the show was nothing out of the ordinary. Then Artie comes on and makes the show. I laughed. I thought it was funny. If you invite a comedian to your show, you’re going to get comedy and I’m sure HBO did ask Artie to go all out despite denials from Joe Buck and Ross Greenburg. Had Artie not been on HBO, he would have tempered his act, but that’s not what HBO is about and it was on pay cable. I’m saying with Artie, you know what you’re going to get. He killed and he gave HBO tremendous buzz for the show.

This is being talked about on the blogs and on various shows today. HBO could not have bought the kind of buzz it’s getting today for Joe Buck. The network can only hope for this type of talk for the second show in September.

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