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Welcome to Cowbell Kingdom

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Welcome to Cowbell Kingdom


Cowbell Kingdom is a Sacramento Kings blog that is currently working with the ESPN TrueHoop Network (as you can probably tell from the ESPN THN navigation bar above and the strategically placed ESPN video player and Stub Hub advertisement to the right). The goal of Cowbell Kingdom is to provide unbiased coverage of the Kings that will hopefully lead to interesting and thought-provoking discussion amongst the readers.

The site is created and run by me, Zach Harper. Some of you might know me from my general NBA site, Talkhoops.net. Now, by trade I’m not a Kings fan. I’m actually a T’Wolves fan. But that doesn’t take away any credibility for me to cover the Kings on a daily/hourly basis. I’ve lived in Sacramento for pretty much my entire life. I’ve followed this team from when Rory Sparrow was wearing powder blue through Duane Causwell’s missed dunks through the Jason Williams/Chris Webber/Vlade Divac revolution and now to the rebuilding of a proud franchise to satisfy a rabid fan base.

Our plan for covering the Kings will be to add to the already great content produced by Tom Ziller at Sactown Royalty, Sam Amick and other Sacramento Bee writers, and the Kings Full Court Press blog. I believe in accumulating as many opinions and viewpoints as possible for forming your own feelings about your favorite NBA team. I believe that we’ll add relevant and intriguing coverage about the Kings to hopefully make your fan experience even more fun as we both sit and watch the resurrection of this franchise.

We’re very excited to be jumping on board with the Kings coverage at this point in team history. With the burgeoning salary cap space situation and the exciting and valuable Kings draft picks, Sacramento should be back in the national spotlight in a relatively short amount of time. We’re excited to cover this time in Kings history and hope you’ll be happy to add your viewpoints at all times.

Feel free to comment on the posts or email me at zharper@cowbellkingdom.com.

Zach Harper

P.S. — This post is actually the “About” section of the site. We’ll begin our coverage this morning and continue throughout the day and beyond.

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