Your 2010 Stanley Cup Odds

Your 2010 Stanley Cup Odds

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Your 2010 Stanley Cup Odds


It’s never too early to talk about next year, especially given the vast wasteland of hockey nothingness between July 4th and October. So, here are your betting odds for the 2010 Stanley Cup. As you can see, the Islanders have a nice head start. Why the Sharks are third on this list either shows that whomever made it has no idea what they’re doing or they’re just drunk. And how an aging team that clearly looked tired down the stretch is ranked ahead of the young up and comers that beat them in the Finals and won the Cup is beyond me. Other than that, well, it looks pretty sane.

Detroit Red Wings               5/1

Pittsburgh Penguins             7/1

San Jose Sharks               8/1

Boston Bruins                   9/1

Chicago Blackhawks             10/1

Washington Capitals             10/1

Vancouver Canucks             15/1

Philadelphia Flyers               16/1

New Jersey Devils               18/1

Calgary Flames                 20/1

Anaheim Ducks                 22/1

Carolina Hurricanes             25/1

New York Rangers               25/1

Dallas Stars                     30/1

Montreal Canadiens             30/1

Minnesota Wild                 35/1

St. Louis Blues                 35/1

Buffalo Sabres                   40/1

Columbus Blue Jackets         40/1

Edmonton Oilers                 40/1

Florida Panthers                 40/1

Ottawa Senators                 45/1

Nashville Predators             50/1

Los Angeles Kings               60/1

Toronto Maple Leafs             60/1

Colorado Avalanche             70/1

Atlanta Thrashers               80/1

Tampa Bay Lightning             80/1

Phoenix Coyotes               85/1

New York Islanders             100/1

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