Burns returns...Hart leaving?

Burns returns...Hart leaving?


Burns returns...Hart leaving?


Mike Burns will be called up from AAA Nashville to take Dave Bush’s spot on the roster and in the rotation, following Tuesday’s decision to put Bush on the 15-day DL.  I like that Doug Melvin is willing to see what his arms in Nashville are capable of before going to the trading well.

Speaking of trading wells, FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Brewers may be shopping outfielder Corey Hart to acquire a Braves’ starter…but that the deal won’t go anywhere until the Braves can unload Jeff Francoeur:

The Brewers’ quest for pitching could lead to renewed talks with the
Braves, who in the past have targeted Brewers right fielder Corey Hart.
The Braves would need to clear their own right fielder, Jeff Francoeur,
before acquiring Hart, and no team is hot after Francoeur.

The problem for the Brewers in trading Hart is their lack of a suitable replacement.

First, I highly doubt that Doug Melvin would part with the popular Corey Hart, especially since he is one of their bright spots defensively.  Second, I’m not certain which Braves’ starter is expendable and of interest to the Brewers–Javier Vazquez is old and inconsistent, and I can’t believe the Braves would be willing to part with Jair Jurrjens at this point in his career; Derek Lowe hasn’t been exactly been phenomenal and is 36 years old.

The Brewers likely need a replacement for Mike Cameron next year, and they certainly don’t have enough depth in Nashville to replace two outfielders after dealing away Tony Gwynn, Jr.  Neither Jody Gerut or Frank Catalonotto have done anything recently to warrant being an everyday player.

Adding Francoeur to the trade makes it interesting…but would the Braves seriously consider trading Francoeur and Jurrjens to acquire Corey Hart…if so, that deal may be too good to pass up, both for now and the future.  Jurrjens is only 23, and is 5-5, 2.89 this season; Francoeur is hitting .246/4/30 versus Hart’s .259/9/32; Hart, 27, is two years older than Francoeur and only has two more seasons after with the Brewers after ’09 in all likelihood.

Melvin won’t do anything just yet…but might feel pressured to make a deal by the All-Star break if the Crew is not in first and if Mike Burns stumbles over the next 3-4 starts.  

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