Luis Ayala blows save - of his job

Luis Ayala blows save - of his job

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Luis Ayala blows save - of his job


It could be worse for the Mets – at least none of their slumping players are demanding larger roles.

Last year’s fill-in closer, Luis Ayala, signed with the Twins this year for $1.3 million. After struggling in the seventh inning, Ayala confronted manager Ron Gardenhire and asked to be traded if he were not going to be used in the eighth inning.

The Twins responded by designating Ayala for assignment.

Gardenhire explained:

“He wanted an eighth-inning role; that’s why he signed here,” Gardenhire said. “His thoughts were if we gave him the ball in that eighth inning, he’d be able to do the job. My thoughts are, ‘If you’re not getting them out, you’re not going to pitch in the eighth inning.’ We’re trying to win, so there’s your difference.”

The story was originally linked in Buster Olney’s blog.

The Pirates are said to be interested in Ayala. As long as it’s not the Mets!

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