Red Sox co-owner John Henry is a Twittering twit

Red Sox co-owner John Henry is a Twittering twit

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Red Sox co-owner John Henry is a Twittering twit


The Yankees may be in the tank these days, but Red Sox co-owner John W. Henry just can’t stop Twittering about them – and their payroll.

The Boston gazillionaire, who raised eyebrows a few weeks ago when he wrote on Twitter that the Yankees might be suffering from the curse of “MT” – aka Mark Teixeira, is still yakking online about New York’s team.

In an Internet conversation this evening with “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Larry David about the HBO star’s program, Henry tweeted about David’s show, “And you didn’t spend $400m during the offseason!”
Happy Fathers Day to all dads. Awful wet for a knuckler. 3 ahead of $400m offseason.” Get over it, dude.

I’m guessing that $400m offseason figure is in every conversation Henry has. It really has nothing to do with Larry David’s part of the discussion, but Henry can’t resist tweeting the figure.

You’d think somebody worth $800 million or so would have better things to do than air their petty gripes on the Internet for the world to see, particularly when teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals would love to have the Sox’s $120 million payroll.

Then again, you would think that Mark (aka MT) Teixeira saying about Henry that “there’s no reason to get into a war of words with a 70-year-old man” would have shut up the co-owner’s tweeting. No such luck.

I’m just glad George Steinbrenner wasn’t actively running the Yankees in the Internet era. Can you imagine what mayhem he could have caused with a Twitter account? Sheesh.

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