Zumaya K's Milton Bradley With 104 MPH Fastball

Zumaya K's Milton Bradley With 104 MPH Fastball

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Zumaya K's Milton Bradley With 104 MPH Fastball


Everyone knows Joel Zumaya can bring the heat.  Even after beating Guitar Hero on expert level and having two major surgeries that left people doubting he’d ever return to his rare 2006 form, he can still bring it.  As Rod Allen said tonight, he brings, “easy cheese.”

Tonight he further proved that by striking out Cubs’ Milton Bradley with a fastball that Fox Sports Detroit telecast gunned at 104 MPH.

104 MPH!?!

According to Detroit4lyfe statistician Chip Stevenson, no human has ever thrown 104 MPH before.  I heard Billy Koch (cock) threw 106 MPH once, the year following his Tommy John.  However, it was never documented like this.  Therefore, it never happened.  Joel Zumaya throws the fastest fastball ever.

Unfortunately, Zumaya doesn’t understand just how lethal a 100+ fastball is because two batters later he threw a stupid change up to Hoffpauir who hit a go-ahead two-run bomb.  I don’t blame Cubs announcer, Bob Brenly for ripping on him:

“That’s one of the stupidest pitches I’ve ever seen. How does a guy that throws a 104 mph fastball with a snap curveball think its smart to throw a change in any situation?”  (h/t The Friendly Blogfines)

Keep bringing that easy cheese, Zumaya.  When you have hitters like Bradley staring up into outer space wondering if he ever even saw that last pitch, you know you bring HEAT.


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