Bringing Me Down

Bringing Me Down


Bringing Me Down


I knew it was coming. 

I was hoping it wasn’t.

The news that Marv’s accuser was shot again upset me.  I knew that eventually, we’d get back to on going speculation that Harrison was responsible.  Now, it’s happening all over again.  Dennis Dwight (curse you BBS for getting that in my head) Dixon, ex-con, apparently told cops he thought Harrison hired a shooter before he slipped into a coma.

Let me be clear:  I don’t believe anything Dwight Dixon has to say. He’s a crazy bad person who already served prison time for killing a man.  He’s also been convicted of lying to the cops about the Harrison incident already.

I want you all to know that I’m not going to track this story like I did the first one.  I don’t have the stomach for it.  The first story seemed like the media botching the facts.  Things were constantly misreported, moralized, and blown out of proportion.  In the original story, even if the media version of events had been true (which they weren’t), it seemed like a clear cut case of self defense.  Dixon’s own version of events had Harrison throwing him out of his club for bringing in a weapon.  Then Dixon claimed they fought, and Dixon escaped, only to drive his car the wrong way down a street toward Harrison who then shot at him.  Even if every word the dude said was true (which is unlikely at best), it seemed to me like Marv was within his rights to protect himself.

This is different.  This would be premeditated murder.

I don’t think Marvin Harrison hired anyone to kill Dwight Dixon.  From everything I’ve ever read about him, I think Dennis Dixon is exactly the kind of crazy thug that was bound to end up getting shot sooner or later.  I think his lifestyle has probably made him a lot of enemies and that Marvin Harrison would have to be seriously deranged to hire a hit man over a $100,000 lawsuit.  I would have to think that there would be more cost effective ways of dealing with Dixon than killing him.

On top of all of that, this shooting, even it is entirely unrelated to Marvin (which I’m sure it is), all but eliminates any chance of Harrison signing with another team.  Dennis Dixon getting shot is the WORST thing that could have happened to Harrison’s football career.  Why would Marv gun for him now?  Why not wait two months until after he signed?  Why contract out a kill at the exact moment you need a team to take a chance on you?  It makes zero sense.  It is quite simply a fantasy.  Unfortunately for 88, it is a nightmare that will end his playing career.

Any speculation on this is totally crazy at this point, and I’m not going to follow the crazy talk.  It’s too dispiriting.  Were the day to ever come that Harrison was seriously prosecuted and convicted of this crime, that would be it for me as a Colts blogger, maybe even as a sports fan.

I know athletes are just people.  I know some are good and some are bad, and all are fallen people. That’s all fine.  I watch sports for the thrill and joy of it.  Marvin Harrison brought me as much joy as almost any athlete in my lifetime.  Were this to turn out to be true (which it isn’t), it would irrevocably sully the last 13 years of watching the Colts for me. 

I don’t think I could keep writing about them with the same energy or passion.

So, this is the last mention I’ll make of this case until 88 is either cleared entirely or it escalates. 

It’s too depressing to hunt and peck for every rumor and sliver of truth.  I think this whole thing will go away in a few days anyway.  I don’t want to consider the alternative.

The end of Marvin Harrison would be the end of 18to88.  Let’s leave it at that.

I don’t know what to make of KC Joyner’s rushing numbers.  I’ve never been a big Joyner fan, but his breakdown of Addai versus Dom is interesting.  He says Addai was much better than Dom when the line screwed up (an astonishing 36% of the time that Addai ran the ball by the way), but that Dom was better when the line made their blocks.  I suppose that fits the conventional wisdom that Addai danced and Dom hit the hole hard.  When there was no hole, Dom didn’t get anything, whereas Addai kept the play alive better.  Note that both runners had good YPC when the line did its job. 

The important thing to note is that by his numbers the Colts O-line failed completely on 39% of runs.  Two running plays out of every five led to the RB not getting adequate blocking.  That is unacceptable.

Kuharsky weighs in on change in Indianapolis. Finally, someone gets it right. Note the graphic “Tom Moore remains as offensive coordinator”.

Chadia puts Addai on the spot

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