Pardon the Mess

Pardon the Mess


Pardon the Mess


There was no post yesterday, but only because I’m frantically working behind the scenes to make 18to88 a better place to hang.  Please be patient as we take a couple of days to get some stuff cleaned up that we’ve left hanging for too long.  The result will be all of finally being in the same place (there are pieces strung here and there).

In the meantime, check out some links.

You don’t need a star WR to win the Super Bowl?!? Gasp!

On ESPN Insider, FO looks at the salary cap for the AFC South.  Some thoughts:
1.  The Derek Harvey trade/draft killed the Jags last year.  He’s already listed as their player “who must produce”.  That’s a lot of pressure for a second year guy.

2.  How well are the Colts constructed?  FO names their player who must live up to his contract…it’s Adam Vinatieri, the 14th highest paid Colt.  Amazing.  Talk about a reach.

3.  How well are the Titans constructed?  The player on their cap for the most ‘dead’ money is Antonio Johnson for $86K.  Amazing.

Prisco names his top QBs.  Manning is #1.  We sort of already he was going that way.

SB says Marv’s “victim” was shot again.  Stay classy, Dwight Dixon.  Next time don’t drive your car backwards down the street at someone and expect them not to shoot at you.  Nice find by them.

The Edge will play somewhere.

Austin Collie loved beating the Irish.

Oehser on Manning being ranked #3 all time by the NFL network.

I’m back after a 6 hour power outage (gotta love the ‘Tina).  I’m mad because the outage robbed me of my chance to skewer this mess by KC Joyner.  I found it just before the lights turned out, but couldn’t comment in time.  As it stands BBS beat me to it. So much crazy to talk about, but the part about “throwing the teammates under the bus” still pisses me off.  So one time he described one of the worst line games of his career as “having some protection problems” after 45 minutes of ducking the question, and he sold out his teammates?  Whatever.  It’s schlock.

BP says that FO calls AG a break out player based on the third year rule. Add that voice to the chorus.  It takes three years, people.  If it took Reggie Wayne three years, that’s a good sign that it takes most guys 3 years.  That’s another reason I’m not sold on Austin Collie this year.

Let’s hope so.

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