Where are they now: Mike Timlin

Where are they now: Mike Timlin

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Where are they now: Mike Timlin


The Denver Post reports that Mike Timlin, who filed for free agency at the end of 2008 ending his mostly succesful 6 year stint in Boston, has been working out and throwing bullpen sessions at Coors Field after the Rockies bullpen had some recent troubles. GM Dan O’Dowd invited Timlin and may be offering him a minor league contract soon.

Although he was primarily a middle reliever and set up man, Timlin amassed 27 saves while with Boston, and was a reliable rock in the Sox bullpen for most of his 6 years there. In 2005, he notched a 7-3 W-L record, with a 2.24 ERA. He made 81 appearances and racked up 13 saves. His numbers fell off in 2006, causing many to speculate that his career might be near it’s end. However, he rebounded in 2007 with a 2-1 record and a 3.42 ERA in 50 appearances. His numbers fell again in 2008 and he filed for free agency at the end of that season.

Timlin, 43, indicated when he filed for free agency that he may just attempt a return in 2009 after taking a year off.

“Sometimes the time off helps,” said Timlin, who stayed in shape by playing catch with former teammate Mike Myers and throwing batting practice for his son’s youth team. “God has given me the strength to do this. I believe I can still pitch at this level.”

He remains good friends with Josh Beckett and the two go hunting together in the off season. He was also the leader of the Boston Bullpen Band. We wish him the best of luck in his attempt to return to the big leagues, especially with a team close to his home.

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