Bruce Smith Hall of Fame Speech Live Blog

Bruce Smith Hall of Fame Speech Live Blog

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Bruce Smith Hall of Fame Speech Live Blog


Well, after uninspiring speeches from guys like Randal McDaniel’s (is he the guy from All-State commercials) to Rod Woodson 20 minute speech where he thanked the pastor for the Baltimore Ravens, it’s time for Bruce Smith’s speech. Hopefully he doesn’t go all over the place and talk about being in a 3-4 defense.

Ted Cottrell video package of Bruce
-I actually covered Ted Cottrell’s son at Buffalo State-
-Um, that Payton Manning analogy is just dumb, Bruce played him 4 times in his career-

Ted Cottrell Presentation Speech
-Bruce is already crying-
-Cottrell goes with the norm of thanking god-
-Cottrell goes into how Art Shell said he wouldn’t allow his LT to play him one on one-
-Darryl Talley in the house, Dan Marino said Talley was the scariest player he ever played didn’t have to do with him on the field-
-Jim Kelly wants to leave it looks like-
-Very cool all his teammates are standing up-
-Where is Cornelius Bennett, he’s the one guy who fell off the face of the earth for the Bills-
-Cottrell has showed more yelling today, than Jauron has in 4 years..sigh

Bruce Smith Induction Speech
-Bruce is crying-
-talks about the weather in Buffalo, sigh-
-talks about his dad and family-
-Here comes Bruce to Buffalo-
-Whose this fan who brings a photo of Bruce there, tool!
-Bruce son looks like him, someone scout his ass!-
-eesh, I wonder how many Redskins fans are there-
-great Dan Snyder sits by Smith’s family
-Look for s#$t stirrers at WGR to talk crap about Snyder being there-
-actually it was 6 straight years making the playoffs Bruce-
-funny, Bruce says he hid Thurman Thomas helmet-

-Ruben Brown isn’t going to the HOF-
-See if he thanks Chuck Dickerson-
-off course not-
-Bruce is done, great speech-

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