Wolves Updates 8/9 Part 2

Wolves Updates 8/9 Part 2

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Wolves Updates 8/9 Part 2


The Wolves and Kurt Rambis have agreed in principal to a contract, Wolves president of basketball operations confirmed this morning.

The deal was reached after the two sides resolved their contract differences earlier today. The deal is expected to be finalized and signed by Rambis on Monday, and a news conference introducing the former Lakers player to the Twin Cities is to be scheduled for Tuesday.

Got a text from Kurt Rambis’ agent late Saturday night confirming the Lakers assistant coach had come to terms with the Timberwolves on a deal to become their next coach, but that not all of the conditions had been worked out just yet.
From Joel Brigham/Hoopsworld:
Clearly Rambis wants a challenge, and there are few franchises in the league right now with a more challenging future than Minnesota. With the Ricky Rubio thing still hanging over the organization’s head Rambis isn’t even 100% sure who his starting point guard will be next season, or if Rubio or fellow rookie Jonny Flynn will even be on the roster at that point. The only thing that’s certain is that it’s going to be an uphill climb, but Rambis seems ready to take it on. Of the guys Minnesota was looking at, he’s the most experienced and has the most rings, both as a player and a coach.

It won’t be easy, but somebody’s got to do it. And now, officially, every team in the NBA has a head coach. Now all Kahn has to do is take care of the Rubio thing. Piece of cake…

Rambis inherits a bad team that’s better than most bad teams. Or, it’s a talented if unbalanced roster. The team’s two best players are both power forwards, and neither has any hope of defending legit centers (or small forwards, for that matter). Meanwhile, the team’s new GM David Kahn drafted two point guards among the first six picks last June. One is still in Spain deciding whether to jump the pond or not, and the other makes up the entirety of the team’s depth chart at the position following the trades of Randy Foye and Sebastian Telfair and release of Kevin Ollie. (Well, there’s Bobby Brown too, but, you know.)
From Kurt Helen/NBC Los Angeles: Rambis Tires Of Waiting, Takes Timberwolves Job

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