Mini Pony of the Day 8-20-09

Mini Pony of the Day 8-20-09


Mini Pony of the Day 8-20-09


99.9% of the time, this spot is reserved for a cool little horse. But every now and then, I’m more than happy to feature another awesome tiny creature. And mini goats always win in my book.

Ben is so Zen. [OFTOT]

Pitino and Calipari…rats of a feather… [Josh Q. Public]

Of course the Buccos would sweep the Brewers, and kill our chances at Bryce Harper. [TIGO, RTJR]

Meet Ginny, formerly PittGirl, as she sheds her anonymity. [That’s Church]

Non-New Yorkers, this is the exception, not the rule. Why can’t this happen when I’m on the L train? [NY Post]

Whoa, Jeter is comparable to Honus Wagner? Think again. [The Big Lead]

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