Minor League Manager Fight

Minor League Manager Fight

Red Sox

Minor League Manager Fight


Here’s something you don’t see very often; two managers going at it on the field.


Here’s the explanation from Fargo’s manager:

“I know that it was a breaking ball, but it still hit me in the face. So our pitching staff was just making a statement in a professional way.

“(Ace) went and threw a ball at Nic Jackson’s hip. That’s all he was doing, just making a statement saying, ‘Hey, we’re gonna protect our guys.’ It may not have been on purpose, but we still gotta protect our players, and we’re going to do it in a professional manner.

“The unprofessional part about it was when people in their dugout started yelling at us, yelling at our pitcher. I thought that was garbage. That’s how the whole thing started.”

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