Why Steve Nash Hates Shaq

Why Steve Nash Hates Shaq

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Why Steve Nash Hates Shaq


TMZ has this video of Shaq sparring with Oscar De La Hoya for Steve Nash's his reality show – Shaq Vs.

According to the Arizona Republic, Shaq flat out stole the idea for the show from his former teammate:

Shortly after O'Neal was traded to the Suns in February 2008, Nash
mentioned to his new teammate a reality show he was pursuing. It would
feature the Suns point guard taking on professional athletes in their
own sport.

The topic didn't come up again until early in the 2008-09 season,
when O'Neal boarded the Suns bus and told the team he would be starring
in a new reality show in which he would be taking on, you got it,
professional athletes in their own sport.

"You mean the idea you stole from me?" one Suns representative said he heard Nash say.

Nash eventually sought out an entertainment lawyer, according to
sources, which is why he now has an executive-producer credit and the
compensation that comes with it.

What a dick move. I always viewed Shaq as this loveable guy who didn't have enemies. Could it be Kobe Bryant isn't entirely at fault for Shaq's departure from LA? Watch your back LeBron.

Around the league, the Magic have signed Jason Williams. Amare Stoudemire says the odds on him playing in Phoenix after this season are 50-50. And Allen Iverson tweeted that he's close to deal, but the Knicks will not be his new home.

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