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Flag-Spotting Saturday

Happy Flag-Spotting Saturday everyone.  Nice job by those in Happy Valley.  Last week was a little bit of “where’s Crimson-n-Whitey?”  This week, uh, NOT A PROBLEM.

Here’s a question for Cougs – do you think the whole flags on Gameday thing is getting a little old to the rest of the NCAA football world?  I have heard a ton of stories over the last few years, about fans just loving the flags, getting their pictures taken with them, etc.  But I’ve also heard that some of the people on the ground have run into some hostility (what, did they think they would be embraced as liberators??)  Anyway, just curious.  Who cares, right?  All that matters is that another week, and the streak continues with the flags!

Moving on, the Spokesman’s latest goes into the injury to Kevin Lopina and that Jeff Tuel is your #2 QB right now.  I don’t think it’s a big surprise to even read that, is it?  I mean I think the entire Coug Nation expected that Tuel would get the call should Marshall get wobbly tonight?  This whole business about burning the redshirt or not burning it, it really becoming a moot point.  Tuel IS going to play, and sooner rather than later.  In fact, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Tuel era begins by the time we play at home vs. ASU on 10/10.  Just a hunch, that’s all…..or is it??

One more quick thing, on our cousins in Montlake.  All week they’ve been talking “letdown” and all that.  How is it exactly a letdown in a conference game, on the road, and YOU are the underdog?  At last check, Stanford is favored up to NINE POINTS in this one.  Don’t they usually refer to letdowns when a team that is favored goes out and loses to someone they shouldn’t have lost to?  Maybe UW is due for an emotional letdown, and that’s what they are referring to.  I think that’s going to be the case as they have to be pretty spent after the last three weeks.  But if Stanford wins, UW doesn’t need to be saying things like “we had a letdown” or let one get away that they should have won or whatever else.  Not when you are a nine-point DOG on the road!

That is all.  We’ll be back later.  Enjoy your Saturday, and GO COUGS!


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