A few comments about this 3-0 team

A few comments about this 3-0 team

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A few comments about this 3-0 team


Did you notice that the Giants are 3-0? Nice. Hmm, let’s see who they beat.

a) the Redskins, who BARELY BEAT the Rams (0-3) 9-7 and then proceeded to lose to the Detroit Lions! So this is a 1-2 Redskin team that has barely escaped after facing teams that are 1-5. Not impressive.

b) the Dallas Cowboys, who beat the TB Bucs (0-3) and barely beat the Carolina Panthers (0-3). If Steve Smith does not cut off his route in Q4, Newman does not get that pick 6 and the Panthers can potentially (not likely, but possibly) march down the field to win the game. In Jerry’s Palace. In Dallas.

c) the TB Bucs (0-3), who beat nobody.

This is not the Giants fault that they have not faced greatness thus far. And it is not the Giants fault that the teams they have faced have not faced greatness thus far either.

All the Giants can be right now is 3-0. WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT THEY ARE. We simply have to recognize that this 3-0 team we are rooting for has not yet played a very good football team yet. We as fans must be sober and recognize that our team has a lot ahead.

Playing TB, KC and OAK is paradise for a team that needs to heal and come together. On the job training for guys like Rouse and CC Brown. Work Study for guys like Bruce Johnson. It’s a shame that guys like Nicks and Sintim (OUR #1 and #2 picks, for heaven’s sake!) have been out! What an oppty to get snaps.

Without showing too much disrespect for the Chiefs and Raiders, these next two games can be preseason warmups for the team if they do not look past them. Or else, yes, in THIS CASE, they will be trap games. Take care of business. Improve. Get healthy. And get ready for tougher opponents now by simply executing fundamentals better every game. Yesterday Francesa called the Giants an “elite team.” Maybe. In due time. Enjoy it all, one week at a time. I love Kansas City Barbeque.

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