Heisman Update

Heisman Update


Heisman Update


The Heisman race has never been this tight in college football history, especially in the pre-season. The top 3 leading vote getters from a season ago all return, all having legitimate cases to win both the prestigious trophy and the BCS title. However, a wide open race has ensued, and while the non-injuried members of the “three amigos” from last season remain in the discussion (Tebow and McCoy), quarterbacks from prestious programs, a defensive playe and a sophomore running back all look to fight for the top spot and the most respected individual trophy in all of sports.


1. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

-His stats are still very lackluster and the Gators are winning ugly, but as long as they stay at the top and he’s still superman, then he’ll still get the toughness vote.


2. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

-While it’s frustrating to believe, Notre Dame fans can be voters as well. And while he may not be on a top contender, he has played outstanding this year and no one else is stepping up.


3. Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

-After having over 225 yards and averaging 10+ YPA against South Carolina, Ingram has gone from platoon Tide back to Heisman contender. If he can keep this up and the Tide beat the Gators, we could have a running back returning to the Heisman trophy.


4. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

-Already having almost as many interceptions as last season altogether, McCoy has fallen from the Top 3. Still, if the Longhorns run the table, they’ll be in the BCS title game and he’ll get attention if only for that.


5. Jacory Harris, QB, Miami

-Still on a national contending team, Jacory Harris will need some help from the top Heisman contenders to falter. The Hurricanes can win out and will start to jump in the rankings on their way to the top of the BCS polls, along with Harris’s chances.


6. Kyle Wilson, QB, Boise State

-It’s about time a small school player got some actual award consideration. While Colt Brennan got some love, Wilson isn’t a spread offense guy. He’s more of a natural quarterback and his orchestrating of the offense is quite impressive.


7. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

-Many Heisman homers may not like this pick, but Suh has been the most consistently dominating player in the country at any position. Suh single handedly influences every offense, and could get some love.


8. Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati

-His injury will lower his stock, but if the Bearcats continue their pace to the BCS title, Pike will get the northeast support.


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