Justin Miller is back, as expected

Justin Miller is back, as expected


Justin Miller is back, as expected



Kickoffs are Miller time once againThe Raiders have re-signed kick returner Justin Miller this week as reported through LB Thomas Howard’s twitter page. In Howard’s “Tweet” (just shoot me now), he said “Let’s all welcome back #22 Justin Miller to the team”.

Justin Miller was cut in the preseason after his usual struggles as a corner made him expendable. Adding to his issues was the fact that he was suffering from a turf toe injury.


Nick Miller, who was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Southern Utah, was slated to take Justin’s spot as kick returner this season. The thinking being that Nick was more of an asset as a wide receiver than Justin was as a corner. And in a league where roster spots are at a premium, the move was a smart one. Unfortunately, Nick Miller suffered a shin splint injury just prior to the season and hasn’t been able to return kicks. Since that time, the Raiders have tried out Louis Rankin and called up Jonathan Holland from the practice squad for last weeks game against Denver. Neither of them were very effective.

There were rumors (since nothing is ever reported with the Raiders) that the Raiders had told Justin Miller that he would be re-signed once his turf toe had healed. And here we are about a month and a half later and look who’s back. Of course there are some uninformed idiots out there (Mike Florio) who are claiming that the Raiders are simply admitting they made a mistake in cutting Justin Miller without knowing ther facts that surround it. But, if it were such a big mistake, why was Miller, who returned two kicks for touchdowns last season, still unsigned by another NFL team? Sure it would have been nice not to need to re-sign him but this is the NFL and injuries are going to happen inevitably so it was a safe bet that Justin Miller would be back. And his number was still available too, how ’bout that.

So, yes, welcome back Justin Miller. Hopefully you can give the Raiders some better field position so that when the inevitable Russell interception or McFadden fumble occurs, it might not be in Raider territory.

UPDATE: CB John Bowie was waived to make room for Justin Miller on the roster.

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