KG gushes about Rondo

KG gushes about Rondo

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KG gushes about Rondo


Rondo media day

That's it.  I'm hooked. Rajon Rondo is having a gigantic year this year.  Just look at what KG is saying

“I’m telling you, man, he’s looking great. To me he’s the best looking person in here, and we have some
(good looking) people from Ray (Allen) to Rasheed (Wallace) to Big
Baby. Lester (Hudson) looks good.

“(But Rondo) looks razor sharp,’’ he said. “If you were to slide
down Rondo right now you’d probably be cut. Seriously, he looks that
razor sharp. He looks that strong. Today he was coming down on a
three-on-three and he pulled up at the free throw line, and was mad
that he missed the jump shot.

“But he has the confidence. I love him right now. He’s salivating at
the mouth right now. He’s like a pit ready to scratch. He’s on point
right now. I like this cutting edge he’s bringing to the team.’’

Danny… sign this guy now. 


Well…. what are you waiting for?

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