McBrayer's 09-10 NHL Crystal Ball 'o Doom!

McBrayer's 09-10 NHL Crystal Ball 'o Doom!

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McBrayer's 09-10 NHL Crystal Ball 'o Doom!


Hello again!

This year, I’m looking forward to Canada screwing up their Cup chances yet again.  Bobby Lou <3’s the 1st & 2nd rounds of the playoffs, woot!

 (partly cloudy with a chance of premature FAIL!)

I would consider myself an Ovechkin fan (not a Caps fan, but #8 iz grate) – but it’s about time we saw someone else come away with some hardware.  So here you go – George Parros will win league MVP, bank it. 

jumpy jump time

The Central division competition will make a decent Nashville team actually look rather bad. 

Florida will not make the playoffs (those loveable losers, bless their hearts).

A fan will fling their own poo onto the ice in Montreal due to extreme and continued dissatisfaction.

   (that ‘shoppin job sums everything thats wrong and cruel in the world.  I love it.)

Marian Gaborik won’t just play healthy in every game, but he’ll play in 83 regular season games.  How is the 83rd possible?  When he shows up at Nassau Coliseum in an Isles uniform under the name, “Crotchy McGroin IV”. 

Eric Staal will score 50 goals in the first 10 games. 

Hurricanes over Blue Jackets in the Cup Finals (and the NHL collectively craps the ratings bed). 

1. Philadelphia
2. Boston
3. Carolina
4. Washington
5. Pittsburgh
6. New Jersey
7. The Sluggaloes
8. Ottawa

1. San Jose
2. Detroit
3. Calgary
4. Vancoov
5. Chicago (let’s go Zurich! Represent USA! USA!)
6. Anaheim
7; Blues
8. Columbus

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