Q&A With New Red Sox Beat Writer Peter Abraham

Q&A With New Red Sox Beat Writer Peter Abraham

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Q&A With New Red Sox Beat Writer Peter Abraham


Peter Abraham will be joining the Boston Globe to cover the Red Sox very soon, and he was nice enough to answer a few questions for us.

FW: Will you have your own blog with the Globe or will you blog as a part of Extra Bases?

Peter Abraham: I will be blogging for Extra Bases but the plan is to really ramp it up with plenty of content, new features, multi-media, etc.

FW: Who was your favorite player growing up?  

Peter Abraham: Probably George Brett, who I really admired as a hitter. I also watched a lot of Braves games on cable and liked Dale Murphy. And like every kid in New England of a certain age, I tried to make diving catches in my back yard like Freddy Lynn did.

FW: What are you most excited about in the new job?

Peter Abraham:  I’ve wanted to work for the Globe since I started in the newspaper business when I was a 16-year-old part-timer at The Standard Times in New Bedford. The additional benefit if I get to live close to my parents and sisters and their respective families. Plus I have a lot of friends in New England from college and previous jobs.

FW: Do you think the Red Sox and Yankees will meet in the ALCS?

Peter Abraham: I actually do and I wrote that before I got my new job. I think they have the two best teams in the league — assuming Beckett and Lester are healthy.

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