Rondo is making himself better

Rondo is making himself better

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Rondo is making himself better


Rondo jumper

Rajon Rondo's jumper is a little bit of a mess.  We all know that.  It was a little better last year but still not close to where it needs to be.

Enter Mark Price, who apparently spent this offseason working with Rondo on keeping his elbow in.  Price, for those of you who don't know, made a pretty good career out of knocking down jumpers.  He shot 47% from the field, 40% from 3, and 90% from the line.  The man can shoot. 

The payoff, if you believe Doc Rivers, the payoff is immediate.

“The thing I’m impressed by is that he shot the ball really well, led the team well.

You won't hear Rondo talking about this, or anything else, very much because he's content to let all the big stars on the team do the talking while he sneaks out the back door. But one thing is clear in everything we've read already:  Rondo is making himself better.  He's very aware if his own deficiencies and he spend the summer working on them.  He knows he takes a lot of contact… so he added 11 pounds of muscle.  He knows his jumper is suspect, so he recruited one of the best shooters ever to fix it. 

Give the kid credit.  He's busting his ass.  It sets a good example.

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