Stock is falling: Henrik Tallinder

Stock is falling: Henrik Tallinder

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Stock is falling: Henrik Tallinder


How many times in the last 12 years have we seen players overstay there welcome in Buffalo? From Barnaby to Miro to Max, it’s a time honored tradition. Welcome to the tradition, Henrik. Tallinder has looked so bad over the last 2 years. It shocks me the guy is still on the team, but that’s what it means to be apart of a tradition, more like a slow death.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Tallinder. I like my defenseman to do one of two things: Hit or shoot. Tallinder can do neither. I think at the end of the day, Henrik’s downfall was having the pressure to be the number 1-2 defenseman on the team. When he had Campbell and McKee in front of him, he was great because he didn’t have to go against the top lines. Once he had to log some serious ice time, not only did injuries get in his way but so did the way he played. He became timid and shy away from contact.

Tallinder is just holding the fort (what’s left of it) till the Sabres decide to promote one of their prospects. Remember when Henrk was a prospect? Hopefully, the next prospect won’t follow in his footsteps.
Honorable Mention: Nathan Paetsch, Daniel Paile

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