Texts From Last Night: Detroit Lions Style

Texts From Last Night: Detroit Lions Style

zz Detroit 4 Lyfe

Texts From Last Night: Detroit Lions Style


Have you ever heard of the website, “Txts frm lst nght”?  It’s dece.  The slogan is “Remember that text message you shouldn’t have sent last night? We do,” but it’s more like an aggregate of funny (some not) twitter updates.

What the hell does this have to do with anything?

My buddy (thanks Aldo) sent me the following “txt frm lst nght” that is relevant to what happened last weekend in the NFL for the first time in almost two years:

It comes from a girl (I assume) who has most likely dated her boyfriend just long enough to ponder the idea of doing it in the two hole.  She really doesn’t want to do it because it’s just gross and it might hurt, but her butt-hungry man has started to dish out signs that he might be interested in giving it a try (odd comments, butt jokes, and he watched “Brokeback Mountain” last week).

Rather than straight up deny her man what he might want, she strikes a deal with him, one she was sure to win, right?


I’m guessing she hasn’t felt right all week.  It’s okay, neither has Jim Zorn.

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