Vince Carter is still a little bitch

Vince Carter is still a little bitch

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Vince Carter is still a little bitch


Vince carter

Who had 2 days in the "how long before Vince Carter exposes himself as a nothing more than a little bitch in Orlando" pool?  Hey… congratulations.

"He (Carter) did not play well defensively today. He didn't do a
good job out there. He's capable of doing a lot better, and that's what
I want to see," Van Gundy said. "As a matter of fact, we'll talk to him
about that and show him some (film) clips tomorrow."

….. and Vince will laugh… and laugh… and laugh. 

"No, I'm not surprised (about Van Gundy's criticism)," Carter said when
told of Van Gundy's assessment. "You can have 12 turnovers (and nothing
is said) with him, but you let one guy go back-door and get caught
looking, he'll let you have it. I won't make that mistake again."

Yes Vince… you will.  Because you're Vince Carter and I've watched the NBA for your entire career.

I'm gonna take a wild stab at this… and guess that VC will react by
pretending to try hard… then reverting to what he has ALWAYS been and
then sulking and sleepwalking through part of the season until a
relatively minor injury forces him to sit out an extended period of
time… at which point Orlando's offense will go stagnant because
Rashard Lewis isn't a playmaker and Dwight Howard isn't a focal point
so the Magic will capitulate to him because they've invested way too
much money in him despite his history.

Just a wild guess.

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