What's the deal with the playoff hats?

What's the deal with the playoff hats?

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What's the deal with the playoff hats?


Check out my Faster Times piece on the Yankee hats for the AL East clinching, and how they bear a close resemblance to the Red Sox’s Wild Card caps.

Oh, by the way, love how Boston had to do a middle-of-the-night celebration after they backed into the Wild Card with the Rangers loss, after the Sox lost five games in a row. And the Red Sox didn’t allow the press in, either. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Maybe the Sox were embarrassed at such a lame premise for a celebration. Or maybe they were doing some evil – or should I say wicked? – Boston rituals. Who knows?

Squawker Jon and I are going to the Bruce Springsteen show tonight, so I’ll miss seeing the Yankee game live. Of course, given the Mets’ shoddy play, Jon doesn’t have anything to miss!

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