Sabres 4 game winning streak comes to an end

Sabres 4 game winning streak comes to an end

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Sabres 4 game winning streak comes to an end


-Don’t blame Patrick Lalime for this loss. The Sabres hung him out to dry, especially in the first 10 minutes of the game being outshot 12-1. Lalime’s first two goals of the game wouldn’t of been saved by Ryan Miller, Dominik Hasek, or Daren Puppa

-11-2-1 are Johan Hedberg’s career numbers against the Sabres. He made some good saves tonight, especially in the 3rd period turning away 19 of 20 shots. Every time I see the guy play, I think of the 2001 playoffs where the Sabres lost to the Penguins in 7 games. That series haunts me more than “No Goal” because the Sabres should of won that series-

-This was the first game this season where the 3rd and 4th lines didn’t show up. Besides the scrum from Keleta causing the 2-man advantage, there wasn’t any hitting from those lines-

-I thought Tyler Myers played his worse game as a Sabre. On Maxie Pad’s goal, Myers looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa when he was deeked out of his skates. Myers, of course will have struggles because of his experiece

-I don’t ever want to see the Sabres play 5 forwards on the power play again. Their 5 on 3 would’ve been the game changer they were looking for, instead they couldn’t even muster a decent set-up and iced the puck 4 times in 2:00-

-The Sabres just don’t match-up well against the Thrashers, only winning 3 of their past 11 meetings. The Sabres don’t have fast enough defeneman to match-up against the Thrashers explosive front lines-

-Does Lindy really need to juggle 3 of his lines because Adam Mair is returning to the line-up? I understand he was battling the Matt Ellis injury, but why couldn’t he just put him on the last line? You’re team just scored 12 goals in the last 2 games. Lets try not to tinker the line-up too much for Adam Mair’s sake-

-Wow, what’s with that golden Sabres door behind Rob Ray and Steve Montador’s interview before the game? Does that lead to Golisano’s penthouse apartment he has with Monica?-

-Still think Harry Neale is the most overrated color man in hockey. “The Sabres are 4-2-1 when Lindy Ruff eats a chicken.”-

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