Saturday's rants

Saturday's rants

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Saturday's rants


-Just read that another Fire Jauron Billboard is getting funded in Detroit, where Ralph Wilson lives. A couple of things on Boardgate, do I feel embarrassed that fans are putting up billboards it seems like all over the country? No. The Bills team is the biggest embarrassment to anyone living in Buffalo right now. Even if fans have rallies, walkouts, or burn tickets the team is still the biggest joke in Buffalo. If fans want to voice their opinions on a crappy product, let them do so-

-If there is anyone whose embarrased by the billboards, it’s WGR. The station is taking the position of trashing anyone who goes along with fire Jauron billboards ideas. Funny, do you think WGR is bitter because they never thought of the idea? Maybe they were too busy thinking of who to kick out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?-

-Have to love the CIA treatment the no-huddle offense is getting at One Bills Drive. The media relations staff of the Bills told the press core not to ask no-huddle based questions to Dick Jauron during his weekly news conference. To make matters even funnier, the press core was asked to leave(By reports, not in a nice way) during one of the Bills practices, possibly because they didn’t want the media to see if the Bills were huddling. What a joke. Just come out and say if you’re huddling or not. As if it’s going to keep the Jets up all night thinking about what the Bills are going to do-

-I don’t want to sound like a d$%k, but what the hell is up with Sabres fan’s man crush on Marty Biron? Sabres fans gave him a standing ovation in relief of Dwayne Roloson in last night’s game. Is there something about a goaltender who never started a Sabres playoff game that makes fans go nuts? You can boo Chris Drury and Daniel Briere out of the building but not Marty because he’s a great quote? That’s weak! Look, I know fans love the guy and he’s really nice, but I just don’t get the fixation with him-

-Speaking of former Sabres, Mad Max is returning to the HSBC Arena tonight with the Atlanta Thrashers. There has to be a ton of boos for the guy. Right? Maybe, but not from the young girls ages 10-18 that adored the guy-

-Did Tyler Myers find a house yet? Maybe he could have T.O. help him on that front. Actually did T.O. end up finding a house?-

-The Sabres are getting the job done thus far this season mainly because of their balanced scoring attacking. Everyone on the front line besides Roy, Kennedy. and Ellis has at least 1 goal. And where the hell have you been all my life Clarke MacArthur? He’s tied for the team lead in goals (3) and has been a bull when it comes to going to the net-

-Don’t call me optimistic about Sunday’s game against the Jets. This has all the makings of a blow out. The Jets are hungry and pissed off and are facing a team that is starting a right tackle, Jamon Meredith, who was drafted in April by the Packers and signed off the practice squad by the Bills a couple weeks ago. Now the Bills have like 4 offensive lineman who have never started a game prior to this season. As of this Sunday, It’s 3 rookies, a guy making his 4th NFL start, and some dude with 25 letters in his last name. I think the team’s goal should be to try and start 5 lineman who never saw the light of day prior to the season. It can get worse people-

-Is the Dick Jauron clock still ticking? If you were to put a gun to my head and ask, I’d say he makes it through the end of the season. Like I’ve been hammering all along, 8 million dollars it would cost if he were fired on Monday. You could buy every billboard in Buffalo with that sort of money-

-BTW: Bills lose 23-0 against the Jets-

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