A podcast and a plea for help

A podcast and a plea for help


A podcast and a plea for help


18 Plays is up for the Texans game.  You can listen in the embedded player below, you can subscribe via Itunes, or you can just download it right here.

In a fit of drunken inspiration, resident Patriots fan JC wrote me with a nice idea.  Though I’m sure he won’t remember doing so this morning, he suggested it would be “fun” to have fans share their favorite Colts/Pats game memories.  Though I don’t usually go in for JC’s ideas about “fun”, in this case, I agree.  So if you have a favorite Colts/Pats experience (and it can be even an old school Colts/Pats game from before the Manning/Brady era), send it to 18to88@gmail.com (don’t put it in the comments here).  I’ll put together the best submissions and post them on Sunday morning.  If you contribute something we use and haven’t yet gotten an official program from Super Bowl XLI, we’ll send you one as a prize.  Someday, I’ll run out of those and then who knows what we’ll do.

Enjoy this game Sunday.  Sure, we’ll play another one next year since there is little chance either team loses the division lead, but there are only so many of these clashes left.  In 20 years all people will remember about this decade is Brady/Manning.  Soak it all in.  These are special games.

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