ESPN Boston tidbits on the game

ESPN Boston tidbits on the game


ESPN Boston tidbits on the game


Tip to Garrison.

Lots of good quotes about the Colts

But 8-0, leading the league in defense, points allowed, and we know what kind of offensive team they have, leading the league in third down, leading the league in a number of areas, passing of course. They’re a team offensively that pretty much can do whatever they want to do or need to do. I don’t think they are limited in any way. They never have been and they certainly don’t look like it now.

“Defensively, they continue to make plays, turn the ball over, make teams earn it, drive the long field. They do a decent job in the red area. It will be a big challenge for us this week, the environment out there, being focused, being able to stay on course, going up against an undefeated football team. They’ve earned it; they’ve done it a lot of different ways in their eight wins this year, and that speaks to the all-around solid team they have in all three phases of the game.”

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