J-Bay, Godzilla or Holliday

J-Bay, Godzilla or Holliday

Red Sox

J-Bay, Godzilla or Holliday


The Red Sox need somebody to play in front of the monster and the three biggest free agent names have all drawn interest.

If Jason Bay goes elsewhere the team may be willing to offer Matsui a mulit-year deal.

The Mariners and Mets are taking a look at Bay.

The Red Sox are also willing to make an offer to Matt Holliday.

After Nov. 20, Jason Bay will be free to sign with any team.  It is unlikely that the Red Sox land him before that point, as he will like to see the offers from other teams before returning to negotiations with Boston.  I still believe he will return to the Red Sox with a multi-year deal sometime around Thanksgiving.  When is Canadian Thanksgiving anyway?


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