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More Powers to you


More Powers to you


Cover 3 looks at the Colts’ rookie corner

Although they were without tight end Owen Daniels, the Texans have a passing offense capable as any in the league of bedeviling opposing defenses. Colts head coach Jim Caldwell wasn’t worried about Powers’ ability to match up, recently saying that Powers is “wise beyond his years. He plays like a much older guy. He doesn’t play like a rookie.” This was evident when he picked off a Matt Schaub pass with 6:11 left in the first quarter. The Texans were at their own 28 and Powers played Andrew Johnson wide left at the line in a pretty standard two-deep look. Johnson took the inside position and ran an 18-yard comeback, but Powers snuck inside and jumped the route for the pick. This is an impressive young player. He sees the field well, has good physicality at the line for his size, good agility in space, and understands his roles and responsibilities.

Colts president Bill Polian is one of the all-time greats when it comes to sensing team needs and acting in a proactive fashion to address them. It appears that he has a real find in Powers.

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