Pros and cons of Tom Cable

Pros and cons of Tom Cable


Pros and cons of Tom Cable


For what seems like the fourteenth straight year, there is a Raider coach on job watch. OK, it is really only the fifth. (The last time there weren’t any questions towards the end of the season was Norv Turner’s first year in 2004 and that wasn’t a solid lock.) There was some speculation that he would not last through the bye week, but not even Al Davis would fire a coach three days before a game. This means that Cable has eight more games to state his case for the continuation of his employment by the Raiders.


With a 2-6 record on the season and a 6-14 record overall, it would seem like the time is running out ofor him as a Raider. In addition to his record, the off-field issues are adding up. He had an alleged altercation with an assistant coach. Since then, there have been accusations of domestic violence added to the mix. The NFL has ordered him evaluated, and the NOW has called for him to be suspended until the investigation is complete.

Here are the pros and cons that will be weighed before Al Davis gives his thumbs up or down to Cable’s return.


  • Cable is a loyal company man. This is something that does not sit well with the Raider Nation, but it is of importance to Al Davis. After Lane Kiffin spent an offseason and four games into the following season trying to get fired and being continually insubordinate, Cable has to be a breath of fresh air for the boss.
  • He hasn’t lost the team. Despite the team’s penchant for blow out losses, the players haven’t turned their backs on him, nor has he turned his back on them. He hasn’t had his ESPN/ Youtube meltdown moment along the lines of “Dumbest Team in America” or “Diddley Poo.”


  • His win loss record since he took over as interim head coach is 6-14. Despite the two wins to close off the season last year, the team does not show any tangible signs of improvement under his leadership.
  • With the increasing allegations he has become a lightning rod for controversy, which is something that will only harm a team that is in a rebuilding phase.
  • Cable comes across as weak. He preaches the importance of accountability, but he does not hold his players accountable.

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