Sheed's getting into boxing

Sheed's getting into boxing

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Sheed's getting into boxing


In a big interview with, Rasheed Wallace talks about not only his love for boxing… but his desire to get into it for the health benefits. But I've heard that you have gotten into the ring with Bernard Hopkins as a sparring partner from time to time. True?

RW: I've just gone a couple times to see him spar. But this upcoming summer, I'm going to start working out with him. Try to get my old body into some kind of shape.
Manny Pacquiao is a huge basketball fan; he loves to play the sport and
even owns a team back home in the Philippines [PacMan Gensan in the
Mindanao Visayas Basketball Association]. He strained a knee ligament,
in fact, while playing sometime after his Ricky Hatton fight last
spring. That had his trainer [Alex Ariza] wishing Pacquiao would stick
to the ring rather than the court. Do you see much crossover in terms
of training or workouts?

RW: Actually, I think boxing is a
harder workout. There are so many key things you have to work on. You
have to work on your body because you're taking so much physical
punishment. You have to work on your neck, all your individual muscles.
So I would say that boxing workouts are a little bit harder.

When asked how he became such a big boxing fan… he answered "C'mon man.. I'm from Philly."

Boxing is a great workout.  You need a ton of endurance to make it through a fight.  I think when you're Sheed's age, mixing it up and training your body a little differently is good. 

By the way… we're going to do a live chat for tonight's C's-Jazz game.  Join us at 7:15 for a little pregame banter before we rock it for the return of Celtics basketball after a few nights off.

Thanks Alan, for the Sheed link

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