The Pittsburgh Angels Are Cool

The Pittsburgh Angels Are Cool


The Pittsburgh Angels Are Cool


Big ups to the Pittsburgh Angels women’s rugby team, after finishing second in the championship. From here:

“We beat Albany 5-3 in the semi-finals.

Due to a wild card system in the semi-finals, we had to again face Raleigh in the Finals, whom we beat the day before.

This time we lost 12-0.

Our team played hard. Very. But we’re okay – last time, 4th; this time 2nd. It’s all good.

Just wait for next year.”

I’ve seen like one or two rugby practices, and a handful of games (matches? bouts?) on tv, and each time I can’t imagine myself doing that. Which makes it cool that our city can boast a premier, hard-nosed women’s team that hangs around championship games like it’s nothing.

And “just wait for next year.”

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