Wednesday Links - Best Game Ever, The Catalina Wine Mixer, & A Michigan Left

Wednesday Links - Best Game Ever, The Catalina Wine Mixer, & A Michigan Left

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Wednesday Links - Best Game Ever, The Catalina Wine Mixer, & A Michigan Left


It’s the middle of the work week and unless you’ve beenawake for the last 36 hours playing the greatest game ever made, you’re going to need a pick-me-up. Here’s a fresh batch of D4L-recommended, MILF-approved links to get you through the rest of your day.

Brooke Burke

  • Speaking of the greatest game ever, With Leather contemplates the accuracy of these war games being produced as of late. It may just seem like a brain-dead video game, but think aboutwhat they have to sayfor a minute. It’s a pretty interesting debate.
  • Good news: Joe Montana’s Napa Valley vacation home is only $49 million. That may still seem expensive, but it’s the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer. POW POW!

  • Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshinski honors the newest class inducted into the 2009 Hockey Hall of Fame. As much as the Wings blogosphere has written about The Captain (all of it well deserved), don’t forget that two other former Wings were inducted on Monday night as well.

  • I didn’t think much of this when I read it, but then I realized that Rick Morrissey actually ate paper when he realized his prediction of Joakim Noah’s career was wrong. My question: how the hell does he know what a crow enchilada tastes like?
  • Billfer wonders if the Tigers are shopping Edwin Jackson, and if so: why? I don’t see the Tigers making a play for Aroldis Chapman, unless there’s been a lot more negotiating than the front office is letting on. Hopefully a lot of this is just talk. I think Jackson found his groove this year and will continue to blossom into the starter Tampa Bay expected him to be early in his career.

  • This is one of the best Pistons commercials I’ve seen in a while. Make sure you check out the comments at Detroit Bad Boys, they’re just as entertaining as the video.


  • Prior to tonight’s game, the Wings called up former Spartan Drew Miller. Kyle has the low-down at Babcock’s Death Stare. Something tells me putting him on a line with Helm and Eaves could work out nicely.


Rob’s Highlight of the Day
Travis Outlaw tells Memphis young’n Rudy Gay to hit the weight room with this tomohawk finish. [via Ball Don’t Lie]

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