Week 9 Power rankings

Week 9 Power rankings


Week 9 Power rankings


#2 in SI

Though neither quarterback will probably ever admit it, I’ve always wondered if Peyton Manning and Tom Brady get a bit weary of having to face each other every year in such a Game of the Century hype-fest? It’s always about the quarterbacks and who’s better and who’s more valuable and who would you rather have? Blah, blah, blah. It’s like having the exact same argument with family members each and every Thanksgiving, right after dinner. My hunch is they enjoy it to a certain degree and endure it to a certain degree. Brady probably even missed it some last year when Matt Cassel took over, but I’ll bet it didn’t spoil Manning’s day one bit to beat New England 18-15 without No. 12 in the New England lineup.

#2 in Foxsports

FIRST-HALF BLESSING: Even mostly without perennial All-Pro safety Bob Sanders, the Colts have been benefactors of the NFL’s best scoring defense in the first half. And oh yeah, that Peyton Manning fellow ain’t too bad, either

#1 in CBS

They’re finding ways to win, but they aren’t playing great. The offense is moving the ball, but not scoring touchdowns. That can’t happen this week against New England.

Also on CBS Prisco and Judge debate the AFC Super Bowl rep

Yes. It definitely is in one of those games. Those are four of the best teams in the league right now. So which team is it? I picked the Patriots to represent the AFC before the season, but that is subject to change. Right? If you pressed me right now, I’d say it’s the Colts. They have a favorable schedule and should have home-field advantage in the playoffs, especially if they win this week. That will be huge for their style of offense and defense. They want to throw it on offense, and the conditions will be good if they are at home because they can close the roof of their stadium. That also will help their speed rushers, who are better at home. For now, it’s the Colts. Next week it could be the Patriots. The week after it might be the Steelers. Do we know? Do we ever?

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