A Mathis for all seasons

A Mathis for all seasons


A Mathis for all seasons


Robert Mathis is more than a third down end

It would be better if people came around and realized he’s a three-down guy when he needs to be, but people are often unconcerned with reviewing their classification of a player.

“The sad thing is it takes longer to lose the reputation than it takes to gain the reputation,” Reinfeldt said. “I think people just get it set in their minds a certain way and don’t re-examine the situation. If they’d re-examine it, they’d realize a guy’s become a more complete player.”

Since he arrived in the league, Mathis has a league-high 34 forced fumbles — roughly one every three games. Freeney’s 27 account for the next highest total in that span.

“He’s just got a knack for knowing exactly where that quarterback is going to be holding it,” Winston said. “He could be getting absolutely dominated coming around and then all of a sudden he’s got those long arms and he’ll tap it right out of the quarterback’s hand.”

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