CHFF says Peyton is better than ever

CHFF says Peyton is better than ever


CHFF says Peyton is better than ever


Store this one away. I’ll write more on this idea (that Peyton is better than ever) next week.

Teams historically lose 70 percent of the games in which their quarterback is called upon to “carry the team,” according to this off-season study: they had gone 1,148-2,645-84 (.307).
The numbers have been fairly consistent with historical averages this year. Through Week 10, quarterbacks forced to “carry a team” in 2009 had gone 16-39 (.291).
Volume passing stats are meaningless outside the pretend, make-believe world of fantasy football, as we’ve always shown, and these lists and data provide further evidence.
Manning, however, has crashed the computers and is on pace to set a new single-season standard for “carrying a team.”

He’s 5-0 this year when asked to pass 40 or more times in a game, including Sunday night’s 44-attempt effort in Indy’s 35-34 win over the Patriots. In other words, he’s accounted for nearly a third of all the 40-plus-attempt victories (16) in the NFL this year.
That 5-0 mark puts him on pace to smash the all-time single-season “carry a team” record held by John Elway, who went 6-0 “carrying” his Broncos in 1985. With seven games to play, Manning has ample opportunity to blow past Denver’s Hall of Fame legend.


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