Gonzo talks return

Gonzo talks return


Gonzo talks return


I found the fact that HE’S talking about to be encouraging.

Dealing with what amounts to a second rehab with the same knee, Gonzalez conceded, has been “very frustrating.”

“It’s difficult on a lot of levels, certainly more mental than physical,” he said. “You get different opinions, you get different treatment programs, you can get a thousand people telling you they can fix you.”

Gonzalez’s situation is more extreme but similar to that of tight end Dallas Clark in 2006. Clark suffered a knee injury against Philadelphia in Week 12 that threatened to end his season. He missed the next four games but returned and arguably was the Colts’ MVP as they worked their way through the postseason and won Super Bowl XLI.

“Whenever the time comes for me (to return), which I hope is any day now, I’ll be ready to go and more excited than ever,” Gonzalez said. “It’s coming. I’m telling you, it’s coming.”

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