Jalen Rose on The 2 Man Game, and other podcast fun

Jalen Rose on The 2 Man Game, and other podcast fun

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Jalen Rose on The 2 Man Game, and other podcast fun


Yesterday, we were hyping the hell out of Jalen Rose on The 2 Man Game… and we're happy to say he lived up to the hype.  We got a unique player's perspective on a lot of things… including what every player on the court is saying to Rajon Rondo, and why Vince Carter is always taking those wild, fade-away shots.  Plus… we tackled the eternal struggle of money vs. youth.  No joke. Here's how it sounded last night.

You can head on over to our show page to check out any of our previous shows.

If that's not enough podcast for you, check out the 10th episode of Blogs with Balls radio… where RedsArmy.com was named the "Ballsy Blog of the Week".  Here's a shot of the Ballsy Blog trophy on the back of Chuck's truck.

AND… if you act now… we'll throw in a bonus podcast!

I spent about an hour talking Celtics with Jared Wade of BothTeamsPlayedHard for his "Talkin' Bout Practice" podcast.  Here's Jared's explanation of the show:

We get pretty in depth about Rajon Rondo (and reference this lenghty Boston Globe article on him
that, in part, details his love for Connect Four), discuss Sheldon
Williams vs. Big Baby, chat about the defense and mention some of the
more typical Big Three/Sheed stuff as well. John also shares his
thoughts on the other Eastern Conference contenders and faces the
dreaded Ten Questions, which is an obvious gimmick that I am hoping
your company would one day like to sponsor. (Call me.)

We did this before the Celtics beat Golden State last night, which
was nice because John was willing to humor me and evaluate some of
Boston’s few flaws rather than focusing on how dominant they are and
likely will stay all season. Still, good times and there is a nice
little Easter egg in there towards the end for you Boston fans.

Check it out.  And if you like to laugh, follow Jared on Twitter.  You won't be sorry.

If listening to stuff isn't your thing…. then be sure to join us tonight at 8pm as we live blog the Celtics-Magic game over on TruFan

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