Jim Shearer Trashed The Senators On VH1

Jim Shearer Trashed The Senators On VH1


Jim Shearer Trashed The Senators On VH1


Jim’s a great guy. His Yinz Luv Da Guins/Stillers Internet shows are legendary. Plus, he frequents Foley’s for Pens games here in NYC, so he’s become a good friend. It’s easy to forget that he’s also regular talking head on VH1.

This past weekend (via penstone and usbzoso), Jim used his platform to give props to his Pittsburgh Penguins, as they were about to play the Senators. Some dude on the Sens dates some chick on the VH1 countdown. Perfect time to talk trash and support the good guys.

Unfortunately, the Pens didn’t respond, as they were thrashed 6-2 by Ottawa. I guess all the good luck he brought to Foley’s during the playoffs had to be offset at some point. I think I can deal with it.

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