One More National Geographic Expedition Week Special

One More National Geographic Expedition Week Special

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One More National Geographic Expedition Week Special


National Geographic has announced the discovery of five ancient crocodiles and this development will be part of a new special on crocs called, “When Crocodiles Ate Dinosaurs”. As usual, with our National Geographic Channel previews, we have a program description and some videos for you.

EXPEDITION WEEK: When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs

Saturday, November 21 at 9PM ET/PT

Some hundred million years ago, crocodiles were the ruling T. rexes of the waters. They galloped on land, ambushed prey at the river’s edge … even terrorized dinosaurs. And more, these swift predators evolved through the ages into the modern crocs we know today. Now, armed with newly discovered prehistoric crocodile bones, Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Paul Sereno is determined to bring the ancient creatures to life — and tell their fantastic untold story. Learn about a croc that pursued prey across land, a supercroc that locked its jaws around dinos, with a startlingly canine face. Blending art, forensics and biology, a team reanimates a lost world of strange Cretaceous crocs that paleontology forgot.

Video “Preview: When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs” – Strange fossils give us evidence that Ancient crocodilian behemoths lived beside the dinosaurs…and ate them as snacks!

Video “Preview: When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs” – Examining the croc’s vital organs helps Sereno visualize the life and movements of this ancient animal.

Once again, this special airs Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on National Geographic Channel.

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