Sabres thoughts going into the weekend

Sabres thoughts going into the weekend

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Sabres thoughts going into the weekend


-It’s all about getting some breathing room this weekend for the Sabres. Yes, it’s early, but facing division rivals in Boston and Ottawa is a nice early season test for the team. The Sabres may have games in hand against both teams, but are only two points up on the Senators and three points up on Boston for the division lead. I’d hope that the Sabres still have that bad taste in their mouth from the drubbing they received from the Bruins two weeks ago. Lets not forget that the Senators owned the Sabres last year even though the team was dreadful-

-Going into this season my biggest worry about the Sabres was their offense. Being ranked 26th in the NHL in goals verifies my worry. I know some people may not be fans of plus/minus ratio, but it should be noted that five of the top six forwards on the team are on the minus side, with Vanek only a plus one. The Sabres first two lines has to get some offensive production. The team can’t rely on Ryan Miller allowing two goals or less every single night-

-Can you imagine what the Sabres record would be if Miller played like he did last year. It’s not a knock against Miller, who was good last year. But this year the Sabres offense looks light years away from what the were last year. Everyone is struggling offensively. Remember Thomas Vanek’s hot start from last year? Vanek had 12 goals in 16 games, while this year he has six goals in 16 games. Jason Pominville has only one goal in his last 9 games. The Sabres better hope Miller doesn’t go down with any type of injury because they will be in more trouble than they were last year-

-What’s up with Bucky Gleason’s man crush on Lindy Ruff? That’s two pro articles about Ruff in a little under two weeks. What’s he trying to do? Get his son a tryout with the team? I like Bucky’s articles, but enough about how great Ruff is, it’s kind of overkill if you ask me-

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