Scarlet and Gray Roundtable, Part 4 - 24 hours left!

Scarlet and Gray Roundtable, Part 4 - 24 hours left!

zz The Buckeye Battlecry

Scarlet and Gray Roundtable, Part 4 - 24 hours left!


One more day before The Game is upon us again……

Will Jim Tressel be 8-1 against TTUN?

Will RichRod pull off the biggest win of his tenure?

We’ll know tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, we posed the following questions to each other;

  • Predict the final score for the game tomorrow.
  • Who scores the first TD of the game?
  • What one play would you like to see the most?


Final score – Ohio State 34, TTUN 7.  The game is going to go a lot like last year, scoring-wise.  It’ll be close for the first couple of quarters, then it’ll slowly get happier and happier for us.

The first TD of the game will go to Brandon Saine.  He’ll swing wide on a run and, like UM has done so many times in the past two seasons, players will be unable to make the tackle.  The run will be between 15-30 yards for the score.

Play I’d most like to see?  FB pass to Justin Boren for the score.  Bowls over Brandon Graham at the 5 and finishes the play off for the TD.


I hate predicting scores, especially in THE GAME. I was born in 1969, and remember 1996 all to freaking well.  I’m also torn- I’d love to see a score that was “bunches to none”, but that might seal RR’s demise… If we win by two scores or fewer, it’s a “moral victory“, and they might keep him.

Let’s just say this – I want a shutout. I’m a believer in the adage “If you don’t score, you can’t win; if they don’t score, you can’t lose.”  Yup, Tresselball 101.

First score is probably a long pass to Sanzo or Posey- Mich1gAAn’s defensive secondary is beyond pathetic.

A play I’d love to see is a QB sweep for a touchdown, with TP running behind both of the Boren brothers.


I’m not really into predicting specific scores for games, there’s too large of a possibility of being wrong. But I will predict that Ohio State wins by three scores (you see that, it could be by 17 or by 21, I like giving myself the largest possible chance of being right).

As far as who will score the first touchdown, how about Ray Small on the opening kick-off or the opening punt if tsun happens to go three and out first.

The play I would like to see most is the play action deep pass to Posey. We are going to establish the run tomorrow, that I am sure of. If we can win the field position battle and allow ourselves to take a shot or two down the field, nothing would be more demoralizing to the other team than a deep bomb or two for touchdowns (see Penn State).


Final Score: 34-13

First touchdown is scored on a Posey pass down the left sideline after two of TTUN’s defensive backs lay waste to each other.  (This is possible, they’ve already done it this year!)

Play I most want to see: Thaddeus Gibson de-cleats Denard “Shoelace” Robinson, promptly causing a fumble that can be scooped off Robinson’s ass a-la TSUN State 2008 en route to a touchdown.


What do you say?

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